World class ways to watch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

When you’re watching world class players, you want to witness the incredible. We’ve compiled the best tips to improve your viewing experience on your Hisense TV. Follow these steps to guarantee every spot is sure to be perfect.

The Perfect Match
with Hisense.

If you can’t get to Qatar then get closer to the action with these TV feature must haves, we're talking...

Rethink how you watch the FIFA World Cup with the Hisense Laser TV, giving you a cinematic and immersive experience in the comfort of your home

See ultra-precise picture with breathtaking details in darks through the cutting-edge Mini-LED

as good as it gets, packing loads of vibrant colour and epic detail onto the screen as the action really heats up

See the incredible with ULED, which combines the latest technology to bring you the best ever 4K experience.

What position?

The optimum viewing distance all depends on the size of your screen. Those with a smaller screen should stay close and keep it tight, whereas those with a larger screen should play more of an outfield role.

1. The goalkeeper – less than 1.5m away for a screen up to 32in

4. The centre half – 1.5 to 2m away for a screen of 43in

5. The central midfielder – 2 to 2.5m away for a screen of 50in

10. The number 10 – 2.5 to 3m away for a screen of 55in

9. The out and out striker – Over 3m away for a screen of over 65in

For all the biggest moments

Total 4K solution immerses you in breath-taking detail, Dolby Vision IQ delivers an adaptive and breathtaking HDR watching experience, based on the content and lighting condition. Ultra Motion can provide remarkably clear and fluid images with native 120Hz refresh rate.

Let's talk tactics.

Pick the right TV
Whether it’s a Laser TV or OLED, Mini-Led or ULED, watching the perfect match on the perfect TV is easy. So, whether want to WOW your friends and Family with a massive 120” screen or dazzle the with high peak brightness the choices are endless.

Feel the match
Redefine your living room's sound with Dolby Atmos®, immersing you in the action with powerful audio that flows all around you for the complete stadium experience.

Unmissable moments
With the FIFA+ app you’ll never miss any of the action.

For a world class watch.

Up with the sharpness
Football coverage often focuses on small-looking objects filmed from a distance – the ball for example. Selecting Advanced Picture Settings and shifting the sharpness up a couple of notches, can really help define player, and the ball, against the pitch. Around two thirds of the maximum is good starting point, but again it’s all down to personal preference.

It’s all about definition
Many Hisense UHD models offer 4K upscaling, making standard Full HD content (as it is broadcasted in the UK) appear closer to 4K quality.

Ultra-amazing with ULED
ULED combines four things that will take your game from Sunday League to Superstar, instantly. The line-up includes, Ultra Colour for breathtakingly vivid images, Ultra Contrast for striking levels of brightness and depth, Ultra Smooth Motion for a more fluid visual experience and Ultra 4K HD guarantees a pin sharp, stunningly realistic picture.

Cool under pressure.

Snacks, beers, you name it. Our Fridge freezers, such as the RQ760 American Style Multi Door, will take care of everything you need for the ultimate at home matchday experience.

They’ll store what you need for 90 minutes of nervous nibbling.

They’ll prefectly preserve your half-time pick-me-up pie.

They’ll keep your celebratory/commiseratory champagne/lager cool as you like.

Watch The Perfect Match

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