A refrigerator should occupy a special place in your house and become the heart of your home because in a way it represents the source of life in our households – the source of our growth, health and love for spending time together with our family in the company of delicious and carefully prepared food.

Sometimes we forget how important a role a fridge plays because people who live in developed countries take it utterly for granted. We quickly forget that without it our favourite cake would melt and tasty French cheese would lose its texture even before we finish slicing our cold cuts. This is why it is important that we try to maintain our refrigerator to the best of our abilities and keep it as clean as possible.

We usually tackle a really thorough cleaning of our fridge only a few times a year, either as part of the spring cleaning routine or after important holidays, like Christmas. Sometimes we regard it as a really bothersome task that we always postpone to tomorrow. Take a look at our seven quick and useful hacks that will help you maintain your fridge and keep it clean – every day!


1 ) Wipe all spilt liquids straight away

If something spills in your fridge, whether it be a fruit juice, milk or only water, it’s important that you immediately wipe up this liquid! Otherwise, stains will remain in the fridge and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can later affect the quality of other food items. On the spot where a spill happens dirt starts to accumulate and produces unpleasant odours.

We also recommend that you thoroughly wipe all containers and bottles with liquids before placing them back in the fridge. This will prevent drops of those liquids from getting onto the shelves which eventually lead to stubborn stains.


2) Regularly check the expiration date on food items

Spoiled food will greatly affect other food items in your fridge, spreading unpleasant odours and attracting dirt. It is best that you avoid overbuying food that goes bad quickly, such as yoghurt, salads and fruit. You will not only keep your fridge clean, but you will also generate less waste and contribute to a cleaner environment.


3) Neutralisers of unpleasant odours

Sometimes, however, despite our diligent efforts to maintain order and cleanliness, it still happens that we catch an unpleasant whiff from our fridge. In this case, you can rely on many natural neutralisers of odour, like lemon, orange or even coffee, which you can put on a plate and place in the fridge. The smell will eventually disappear.


4) Organisation leads to success

If you stick to a logical arrangement of the fridge’s interior, it will be much easier to maintain it. You can dedicate one part of it to storing fruit and vegetables (plastic drawers at the bottom that retain the required level of moisture), one part to cheese and dairy products and one part to meat. You can place food items which you rarely use in the back, reducing the risk of spilling their content.

Conversely, you can put food items with shorter expiry dates toward the front of the fridge, because seeing them will regularly remind you that you need to use them up as soon as possible.


5) Choosing a suitable cleaning agent

It is recommended that you choose a cleaning agent that is natural enough so that it’s not harmful to your health but still efficient enough to eliminate the most stubborn stains and disinfect your fridge. We also recommend that you tackle the cleaning with protective gloves.


6) Separating food

Before you set about cleaning your fridge, it is essential that you make sure to preserve the freshness of your food. Check the expiry dates and separate food items that are still good from the ones you should discard because it often happens that spoiled items affect the cleanliness of other food in the fridge.


7) Turn off the fridge before cleaning

When you attend to the general cleaning, it is advisable that you turn off the refrigerator before you begin, and start by cleaning the exterior surfaces. Then take out all the removable parts from the interior, such as shelves and bottle racks. Individually clean all the components, and then you’ll be able to reach even the farthest corners of the fridge’s spacious interior.

Once you clean all the surface areas, you can put all the food items back in the fridge in a sensible order. Separate fruit and vegetables from the remaining food, and put the items you don’t use as often in the back of the fridge.


In addition to following the above hacks, it still makes sense for us to do a general cleaning of our fridge once a month, which shouldn’t take a lot of our time if we stick to the guidelines for daily maintenance.

Thanks to ever-progressing technology, it is increasingly easy to maintain your fridge because functions like Total No Frost and air circulation contribute to preserving the freshness and quality of your food.

Total No Frost ensures just the right level of moisture and prevents the food from drying out. By efficiently circulating the air, it dehumidifies the interior of your fridge, thus preventing ice from forming and keeping your food fresh for longer.


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