Here’s how to avoid conflict in your student house this year…

Picture the scene: you’ve arrived home from a long day of lectures, you have two essays to work on and you’ve just managed to fight off that last bit of your hangover.

You head to the fridge to devour the leftover pizza you stored last night, but Grace from across the hall got carried away with her weekly supermarket shop and now her food has spilled over onto your shelf.

It’s the cardinal rule of shared student housing. Nobody has enough space for more than a few days’ worth of food in the fridge – and the freezer is everyone for themselves. Any more than two or three tenants and you’re having to invest in a second fridge-freezer – but where will it fit? Maybe you could squeeze it into that corner of the lounge?

But then again, why bother forking out for two sub-par small capacity fridge freezers when you could make a smarter investment? With fallouts about storage being up there in the main causes of conflict in student houses, it’s time we addressed the big fridge debate once and for all.

Our solution is here…

The American style RS696 is a side-by-side design available in silver or black. As an American style fridge-freezer, it has a huge 535-litre capacity and an ice and water dispenser. What’s more, its Invertor Compressor Technology means less noise, faster freezing and high energy efficiency, meaning cheaper bills. It also has a Multi Air Flow feature to ensure the temperature throughout the fridge is kept consistently at an optimum temperature, meaning whoever’s food is stacked right to the back of the fridge will stay fresh, and will be safe from freezing to the back of the appliance. We’re looking at you, Grace.

Alternatively, the Multi Door Food Centre RF528 has two huge freezer drawers for easy organisation and plenty of shelf space in the fridge, as well as balconies in the door. Its 293-litre capacity is more than enough for the average student house. There is an alarm to alert the household when the door has been left open too long, so airhead Adam won’t ruin everyone’s food again, and a Super Freeze function to ensure food is frozen at a quicker rate than ever and remains nutritious for longer.

With a new portfolio of fridge-freezer appliances introduced at the start of 2017, our large-capacity products are perfect for students and house-shares. Our Total No Frost function, means your appliance is guaranteed to be completely frost free throughout. While other appliances promise to be ‘Frost Free’, usually this means that air circulation is regulated around the freezer, doing very little to reduce ice build-up in the fridge.

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