Now’s the time to stock up on your favourite cold drinks! The EUROs are in full swing and each match is truly unmissable. Whether you’re watching alone or with friends and family, Hisense have prepared some tips to help you focus on the football and have the best seat in the house when it comes to kick off.

Think ahead

To avoid a last minute panic trips to the shops, prepare in advance. Hit the shops with a list so you don’t forget anything or end up buying too much. Although, you can never have too many snacks!

Think about everybody

If you’re going to be watching the matches by yourself this will be easy. But if you’re having friends over, think about their match essentials. Remember to pick up something that everyone will like for your match day feast, a quick group message is always a good plan before ‘adding to basket’.


This is the perfect time to quickly organize the fridge, for the best ‘easy grabs’ during the game. Get rid of the old pickles and make room for your match day snacks. Our PureFlat RQ760N4AIF has an amazing 541 litre capacity, meaning it gives you enough space to hold up to 30 bags of food.  Besides that, it comes with Triple Zone Cooling technology, meaning you get three independent cooling zones – fridge, freezer, and My Fresh Choice, which offers a wide temperature range from 5°C down to -20°C. The Dual-Tech Cooling system keeps ideal humidity levels in each compartment which prevents any odour transfer and food drying out – the perfect solution for your cheese plate.

Don’t forget about the beers!

Passionate cheering and celebrations go nicely with a cold beer. So don’t forget about stocking your fridge with all your favourite drinks. And to keep drinks truly cold, the Hisense PureFlat RQ760N4AIF comes with a water and ice dispenser, that provides you with cold water and cubed or crushed ice, perfect for juice as a non-alcoholic alternative.