If you didn’t know already, Laser TV is the new kid on the block that everyone’s talking about and itching to get to know.

Film lover? Then look no further than an ultra-short-throw Laser TV, which truly brings the cinema into your own home!


So, what is Laser TV?

Hisense are pioneers of this technology and their products offer perfect 4K picture quality generated by an Ultra Short Throw Laser. When it comes to Laser TV technology, Hisense is leading the way, with the aim of creating an impeccable home cinema experience.

With the 4K Ultra HD and over 8 million pixels, the Hisense 100″ L5F laser TV brings moving images to life with incredible detail, and with HDR, images appear with sensational depth that produces razor-sharp detail and contrast. All this visual excellence combines with Dolby Atmos to complete the home cinema experience.


Laser Tech explained

Hisense 100” and 88” Laser TV models use Laser Phosphor Technology based on 1-chip DLP Technology, these blue laser based DLP projectors use one micro-mirror-device engine (DLP chip). Single chip DLP plus colour wheel projectors generate the red, green and blue coloured parts of a picture step by step, providing natural colour representation.

  • Natural colours and good brightness uniformity
  • High brightness
  • Excellent white reproduction


How is the picture quality so good?

The X-FUSION™ Laser light is narrow, so the light wave is pure and light transmission is not bothered by dispersion problem, which leads to more natural colours with high purity and saturation. It utilises a blue laser light source to razor sharp, precise images with stunning details while avoiding unwanted light dispersion and offering a more natural viewing experience. So, you can enjoy over 25,000 hours of high-picture-quality entertainment.


So, why purchase a laser tv?

Purchasing a Laser TV is an investment. We have designed our Laser TV/Cinemas to be used daily, as such they are able to replace an existing TV if you are looking to upgrade to a supersize screen. Key features that are available on

Hisense units offer you more:

  • TV Tuner – ability to watch live TV – not just via an app but with Freeview Play
  • Smart TV Functions – Stream Netflix, Prime Video, iPlayer and more
  • 4k HDR 10
  • Screen Included – for optimal picture viewing
  • Lightweight – versus the equivalent LED


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