As the curtains of the Las Vegas Convention Centre begin to draw to a close to the world’s leading technology brand’s and global media for the 51st Consumer Electronics Show, we take a look back at what was new and what to look out for over the coming months from Hisense.

Enjoying another incredible start to the year, Hisense have previewed their new TV line-up for 2018 and, as an official sponsor to the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer, have announced two official 2018 World Cup TVs : the U9A Limited Edition & U7A Special Edition World Cup TVs.

The Hisense U9A Premium ULED 4K TV boasts over 1000 dimming zones providing greater backlight control allowing for heightened levels of contrast, from darker blacks to brighter whites, and offering enhanced image accuracy. Integrating Quantum Dot technology, a wider array of colour combinations is also made possible, delivering a more authentic and vivid picture that’s closer to real-life.

Affirming Hisense’s leading position in display technology, the U9A received the coveted Annual Golden Award for Display Technology in the 12th ‘Global Top Brands’ award ceremony hosted on Wednesday 10th January 2o18.

Offering an elegant, bezel-less frame and super slim design, Hisense’s U7A ULED 4K TV combines ULED technology, ultra-wide colour gamut and HDR-10 support, delivering you the best view to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Both models offer a dedicated Sports Mode to adjust picture and audio settings with the touch of a button. Adopting MEMC (Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation) technology to offer a more fluid and natural picture, without motion blur that can be often experienced when viewing sports. Audio enhancements are also incorporated resulting in a more immersive stadium-like experience with added clarity to commentator speech.

Also on show was the staggering 100-inch Laser TV due to launch later this year in the UK. Bursting with gorgeous colour and 4K detail it offers a brightness rating of more than 2,500 nits – meaning it can even be operated outside in broad daylight! Laser TV incorporates a built-in subwoofer and weighs a fraction of a traditional TV, making it unbelievably portable for such a large display.

With over 3,900 exhibitors and more than 170,000 attendees from 150 countries, CES continues to be the leading consumer electronics show on the planet.

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