As some students are finishing their first term at university, at Hisense, we wanted to find out the success rates of Gen-Zers with their laundry skills before they move and possibly shrink all their clothes!

After undertaking new research, we found that almost two in five (37%) of young adults aged 18-24 don’t feel confident in understanding their clothing care labels.

We also found that the most confident launderers are the 35-44 age bracket, with a whopping 76% saying they feel totally comfortable with their clothing care.

The 65+ age range ranked surprisingly low in the survey as the second least confident with what they’re putting in the drum. Over 30% admitted they struggle to discern the symbols, so Gen-Zers out there, maybe don’t ask your grandparents for laundry tips!

We also found that 18-24 year olds actually ranked near the top for ironing their clothing, while millennials fell behind. A huge 63% of Gen-Zers said they are known for regularly ironing their clothing before wearing, whereas the 25-34 age bracket came in at just over half (54%).

It seems like today’s students prefer to iron out their creases than actually do the laundry, so we wanted to share some top tips for those freshers doing their laundry for the very first time.

Group clothes into different washes.

Liam Cookson, Product Marketing Manager at Hisense UK says: “Separating your brights from your whites will reduce the chance of staining your favourite t-shirt pink. Don’t take a chance and stuff all your clothes in together!”

Know the features

Newer machines will boast better tech, and naturally this is better for your clothes, so get to know the different features.

“The WFGE range of washers from Hisense boast a fantastic steam function, which not only reduces creases in your clothing but also fights off allergens like dust, meaning your clothes are much cleaner than a traditional wash,” explains Liam.

Intertek found that Hisense’s steam function removed up to 99.9 % of bacteria – from allergens like dust mites and pet dander, but also almost completely disinfecting the laundry.

Check the labels!

There are plenty of symbols to get your head round, but the best thing to do is first check if your clothes and fabrics can go in the machine.

Liam says: “A basin icon with some water is the one to look out for, and sometimes it will also stipulate a temperature for your wash – a handy hint to make sure you’re treating your clothes well!”

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