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Hisense WDQY9014EVJM

A washer and dryer in one

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11 Reviews

A great space saving - and stylish laundry solution.

This WDQY9014EVJM washer dryer comes with a 9 kg Wash / 6 kg Dry Load capacity and is perfect for washing and drying clothes without the need for a separate dryer. This model has 15 great programmes (12 washing & 3 drying), steam refresh functionality to help minimise ironing, a 1400 rpm spin, and inverter technology making it really quiet and more durable.

Powerful cleaning with a Pure Jet wash

Powerful jets of water dissolve detergent into your wash efficiently helping to remove dirt from your washing quickly, leaving your clothes cleaner.

1 hour wash & dry function to save you bundles of time

This clever feature allows you to wash and dry up to 1kg of clothes in an hour! Perfect if you're in a rush and need to quickly wash and dry your favourite outfit.

A quieter, longer lasting and more reliable motor.

Inverter Technology allows your washing machine’s motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the load. This results in lower levels of vibration meaning a quieter, longer lasting, and more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than conventional washing machines.

  • Shhh!

    A much quieter spin

  • Lasts longer

    Less wear and tear than a regular motor

  • Saves energy

    Kinder to the environment, and your pocket!

Super-fast spin removes more water to minimise drying time.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas make the most difference, like a faster maximum spin that removes more water from your wash to significantly reduce the time it takes to dry.


Touch button controls for easy operation.

Pause & Add

Press pause within the first ten minutes of the wash cycle in order to add any missed or forgotten items to the machine.

Designed to remove even the toughest of stains.

Unique to Hisense, the snowflake pattern embossed drum is designed to remove even the toughest of stains, while also being gentle enough for delicate fabrics. The drum also features a chrome finish that lasts longer and repels debris, allowing for an even more effective clean.

Now, here’s the technical bit…

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  • 9

    Washing Capacity (kg)

  • White

    Cabinet Colour

  • E

    Energy Class

  • 1400

    Spin Speed (rpm)

  • 15

    No. of Programs

  • 595 x 845 x 610

    Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)

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Hisense WDQY9014EVJM


Available In


  • Model Number
  • WDQY9014EVJM
  • Washing Capacity (kg)
  • 9 kg Wash / 6 kg Dry
  • Cabinet Colour
  • White
  • Fit Type
  • Freestanding
  • EAN
  • 6901101812346


  • Energy Class
  • A
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/annual)
  • 1216 (wash,dry) & 162 (wash,spin)
  • Spin Efficiency Class
  • A
  • Spin Speed (rpm)
  • 1400
  • Water Consumption in Litres (annual)
  • 10200 (wash,spin) & 33400 (wash,spin,dry)
  • Noise Level When Washing in dB(A)
  • 56
  • Noise Level When Spinning in dB (A)
  • 71 (63 drying)


  • No. of Programs
  • 15 (12 washing, 3 drying)
  • Inverter Technology
  • Yes
  • Touch Button Controls
  • Yes
  • LED Display
  • Yes
  • Snowflake Drum
  • Yes
  • Pause & Add
  • Yes
  • Child Lock
  • Yes
  • Time Delay
  • Yes
  • Smart Wash Time Adjustment
  • Yes
  • Smart Foam Control
  • Yes
  • Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment
  • Yes
  • High Handle Design
  • Yes
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Yes


  • Cotton
  • Yes
  • Synthetics
  • Yes
  • Silk/Delicates
  • Yes
  • Large Items
  • No
  • Wool
  • Yes
  • Lingerie
  • No
  • 95° Antibacterial
  • No
  • Mix
  • Yes
  • Down Jacket
  • No
  • Sportswear
  • No
  • Shirts
  • No
  • Yes
  • 30 Minute Dry
  • Yes
  • Quick Wash
  • Yes
  • Rinse + Spin
  • Yes
  • Spin
  • Yes
  • Drum Clean
  • Yes
  • Baby Care
  • Yes
  • Dark Wash
  • No
  • Cotton Eco
  • No
  • Duvet
  • No
  • Hand Wash
  • No
  • Silent Wash
  • No
  • Intensive
  • Yes

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 595 x 845 x 610
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 70
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package)
  • 660 x 890 x 670
  • Product Weight in kg's (with Package)
  • 73
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Hisense WDQY9014EVJM



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11 Reviews

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  • MarkR



    “Good looking and easy to use device.”

    Recently purchased, so far so good, very happy with the unit and its capabilities.

  • Jules 123



    “Great geature”

    Got this 3 weeks ago wonderful has a quick wash to 15 mins

  • Cd60



    “It's quiet”

    Great washing machine, so much quieter than any I have had before. Simple to use.

  • AU M



    “Great design and great space for clothes to fit”

    Bought this washer dryer g the three months ago and l like it . However it’s slightly noisy.

  • 07.07.21


    “Lots of features”

    I needed a washer/dryer because im limited with space in my kitchen. I love the features on the machine, the tumble dryer takes a long time to dry, sometimes 4 hours for a full load while my old vented dryer 60 mins max. Washing on quick wash 40 degrees 800 spin takes 30mins then i have to re-spin on 1400 for another 10. Thats the fastest wash load. Aslong as your not in a rush for anything clothes to wash/dry its a good machine.

  • Jenny 567




    Washes brilliantly but can take 2or3 goes to get clothes really dry.....

  • Naagee



    “Washing time very long”

    I bought this couple of months ago Drum capacity is good but washing time is very long and not helpful

  • Toby 2021



    “Fantastic washing machine”

    Had washing machine now for 3 months - works well and quiet compared to my old Samsung. Build quality is good and easy to use - has steam clean function - which is good if you don't use disposable nappies or if you need something extra clean (medically)

  • Adipop63



    “Poor spin cycle on this machine”

    I actually got this machine from Hisense as a replacement for a faulty Washer Dryer! The machine is not too bad on wash cycles but is lousy on it,s spin cycles and after whatever wash cycle has come to an end you then have to put the clothes on an average of 3-4 spins so they are then able to go on the dry cycle which takes anything from 2-3 hours.

  • Lisa29



    “Looks good”

    Bought a few months ago had no problems ....only complaint is have to put it on a higher spin when some washes have been done as cycle sets it's own spin

11 Reviews

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