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Mini-LED HDR 1500

Quantum Dot Colour

Hi View Engine with AI Processing

Dolby Atmos

Multi-Channel 2.1.2 Surround with Sub

In 2023 the fantastic U8 Series from Hisense is only getting better: with an incredible 6x more local dimming zones than last years model (55"/65" (75"x2)) for significantly improved backlight control.

Thanks to Mini-LED HDR 1500, Quantum Dot technology and a total HDR solution including Dolby Vision, the U8 delivers the most vivid, lifelike and detailed image in its class and an unmatched HDR experience. In addition to amazing picture developments, the U8 doesn't disappoint when it comes to room filling sound, thanks to an enhanced 2.1.2 multi-channel audio system incorporating Dolby Atmos you will experience immersive sound, delivering the cinema experience to your home.

A faster 144Hz VRR panel provides a the smoothest of images and a winning gaming experience. Add in Wi-Fi6 and the very latest Vidaa smart platform and the U8 is virtually future-proof.


Mini-LED technology combines thousands of individual LED lights smaller than a grain of rice, grouping them into miniature dimming zones. By having a huge number of independent dimming zones this new technology gives an incredible level of control in terms of brightness, contrast and colour offering users detailed, exquisite and lifelike images to a remarkable level with superior blacks and gradation.

Quantum Dot Colour

Quantum Dot + Mini LED Experience colour like never before, Hisense TV's can reproduce over one billion shades of colour, with this amazing range of colours you can experience and enjoy colour in its truest and most natural way.

Hi-View Engine

The Hisense quad core Hi-View Engine utilises the latest in AI processing technology. Automatically optimising both images and audio in real-time on a frame-by-frame basis, fine-tuning each frame - including resolution, brightness, contrast, colour, motion, depth and detail, delivering an image that is vibrant and lifelike. The AI processing capability of the Hi-View Engine also enables it to be able to upscale content to a 4k quality image with sharpness, clarity and a lifelike detail.

AI Picture

Let your TV do the work with the intelligent Al Picture optimisation software. Like the world's greatest critic, your TV will analyse the composition of each frame and adjust your brightness, resolution, colour settings, and more so that each scene looks perfect - and you don't have to do anything but sit back, relax, and let your smart TV take care of everything.

Complete HDR Solutions

In order to get the very best out of your TV and your TV content we offer a complete HDR solution (HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10+, HDR10, 4k HDR immersive & Dolby Vision IQ) meaning wherever you get your content you can be sure your Hisense TV will deliver a breath-taking picture. Dolby Vision IQ intelligently optimises your TV based on lighting conditions for a perfect picture in your room at every moment.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos delivers the ultimate immersive listening experience allowing you to feel and hear the sounds from all directions. By precisely placing the sounds and moving them around all around you, you can enjoy immersive, natural and true to life sound. It's so realistic you'll feel every moment as if you are actually there.

Powerful Sound from All Around

With an intelligent audio decoder, even the modest speaker setup can deliver an enchanting 2.1.2 surround sound experience without any additional equipment, thanks to the Front Firing Speaker and Built-In rear Subwoofer. Regardless of their sleek design, Hisense TVs will take you on an audio journey that surrounds you and transports you into the action.

Every Seat is a VIP Seat

Forget the family Friday night fight for the best seat in the house, with your Hisense TV's wide viewing angles everyone can enjoy a great view and vivid colours from wherever you're sitting. See every moment from any angle without the brightness of the sun or the lights in your room getting in the way. Our Anti Reflection TV screens effectively absorb reflections reducing distractions day or night.

The Power of SMART

VIDAA U7 Smart OS, it offers the most compelling way to watch your favourite content. With its intuitive and customisable VIDAA U7 Smart TV OS for quicker access to your favourite entertainment from Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Freeview Play and more.

Talk to Your TV Via Built-In Amazon Alexa

Find your favourite content faster and more easier using the power of your voice, with our ergonomic voice remote, there’s no more typing or scrolling, you simply have to ask. Alternatively, connect your Alexa or Google enabled devices simply for a seamless hands-free control of your Hisense TV. Simply say 'Alexa', 'Hey Google' or 'Hey Vidaa' and start your journey.

Unleash the Power of IMAX™ At Home

IMAX enhanced gives you the opportunity to experience content as the filmmaker intended, it's the closest you can get to that IMAX cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. One of most noticeable benefits you will get from this feature is up to 26% more picture on your screen, reduced black bars at the top and bottom of the picture, and cramming in more action. IMAX enhanced certified TV's have to complete rigorous quality standards set out by IMAX, meaning you get clearer, brighter pictures with reduced noise and grain as well as immersive sound thanks to DTS:X.

Filmmaker Mode

Filmmaker mode is a picture mode designed to reduce the amount of post-processing applied to movies and TV shows giving you a much cleaner and cinematic experience, allowing you to enjoy content in the way the filmmakers intended.

144Hz Game Mode PRO

144Hz Game Mode Pro automatically fires up when a gaming connection is detected through ALLM, providing you with the pinnacle in gaming enjoyment. With 144Hz VRR experience the smoothest possible game play enhanced further with ultra low input lag. Image tearing and stuttering are also a thing of the past thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium, specifically created to deliver the most responsive and detailed experience yet.

Control Your Game with Game Bar

Bringing all this cutting-edge technology together in one place is the Hisense Game Bar, a hugely useful addition enabling players to quickly access important gaming settings without ever needing to leave the game screen. Let your Hisense TV help take your gaming to the next level by putting you firmly in control.

Stadium Level Enjoyment Right in Your Home

Whether you are watching football, tennis or motor sports, with the MEMC ultra motion (motion estimation and motion composition) and Sports Mode, you can enjoy ultra smooth motion images. The TV identifies the tiniest details and removes any noise using a dynamic algorithm tailored for fast moving objects.

Freeview Play

Enjoy your favourite shows without the price tag. The nation’s most popular TV platform offers an impressive 60,000+ hours of TV and over 1,500 boxsets, across your favourite on demand players. All for free.

Stay Connected

Built In WiFi6 brings you faster than ever connection speeds as well as less bandwidth congestion. Essential for gamers and video streamers you'll enjoy the benefit of a more stable connection with less of that frustrating buffering. Connect Bluetooth® compatible devices to your TV for easy wire free entertainment. Pair your Bluetooth headphones with your Hisense TV and enjoy your shows and music without any interruptions. Wisa Ready enables you to experience a loss free high quality audio stream without the need for additional software.

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  • 55" - 75"

    Screen Size

  • 144Hz

    Refresh Rate

  • Vidaa U7

    Operating System

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8 Reviews

  • Res1s7



    “Great for games with some problems elsewhere”

    A great TV for games. Very clear and bright display. However Freeview suffers from tiny little lines visible on movement sometimes that looks like a deinterlacing effect. There are also other various little problems that are part of everything separate from HDMI gaming input. Saying that, this is a great TV overall it just needs some problems ironing out that should be fixed in future updates.

  • 01.09.23


    “Perfect picture”

    Really happy with this TV, the set up was so easy. Having all the smart apps such as Netflix and Disney + made it super easy to get started. Picture quality is amazing, have tried many different types of films and everyone look great. Sound is also really good, however only thing that lets it down is that sometimes when the TV is paused you get this slight sound/crackling noise

  • xpman90



    “Best 1 I had so far”

    This my 3rd Hisense I got the 75 U8K is really is WOW . Sadly it’s their top range in UK as I wanted get the 85 UX which is Hisense TOP RANGE only sold limited number outside china mainly to USA . But as far as this to goes have No complaints Picture quality is excellent you be forgiven think it’s an Oled then you will say who needs Oled . I recommend it . And to Hisense if you read this tell me why I am Not worthy of the UX ?

  • emilyr238




    This is an extremely high quality television, the picture is VERY sharp and the sound quality is like being in the cinema. It’s very easy to use and intuitive and didn’t take long for us to set it up. My only con of the this TV is that the App Store for Hi Sense is missing some key apps - Paramount Plus and NOW TV so if you have these apps you have to watch it via a different medium (like a PlayStation etc). Other than that would highly recommend this TV if you’re looking for one!

  • Ilze



    “Great sound!”

    Great sound, in my opinion it doesn't need sound bars or subwoofer to buy separately. The TV has a already set of bars and back subwoofer included.

  • jan3et



    “Great tv”

    As with any other Hisense tvs, the set up was extremely easy. Only downside was that the manual doesn’t say much about installing the tv on the wall so at some point I wasn’t sure I am taking off the right screws. However, once that was sorted and the Tv was on the wall, it was ready to use within less than 5 minutes. The picture is crystal clear and I didn’t know it can even get this sharp on a television! The sound is great as well however sometimes when it gets too loud, it can feel like the whole room is shaking. Overall, it’s a great Tv and would be a great addition to the family room or even a game room

  • B A



    “Great TV”

    Great for gaming and movies. Good design and stable base.

  • daniellab4



    “Amazing picture and sound quality”

    If you are looking for a tv that does it all then look no further! So easy to set up and use. With a wide choice of screen settings you can pick what picture suits you best, I have found that dynamic was my favourite as it creates amazing clarity and definition. This tv comes with a built in sound bar that will blow you away, was great while watching sports and even better when watching a film!! This is also a smart tv so has quick links to all your tv apps which makes watching even easier, can even be linked to Alexa! Little things impress me but the remote you push a little button and it pops the battery slot out… like I say little things! Also to note on the remote it is very sleek and not as bulky as most, really is a nice design. Honestly you won’t look back if you get this tv!

8 Reviews